William Reek Photography


Who I Am

I started William Reek Photography with the sole intention of making great scenic and urban images to sell to collectors wanting to beautify their homes and offices with my work.  I think my images stand out in from the  crowd of "regular" photographs.  I absolutely intend no disrespect to other photographers' work.  I simply wanted to do something a little different.  I strive to capture unusual angles, perspectives and most of all moods.  Some of my photos achieve that better than others, but they are all created and edited with that simple goal in mind using whatever techniques I have at my disposal.  I also have recently become interested in applying these techniques along with the time tested methods of the masters to "object" photography.  When it comes to objects, I don't discriminate. I place the same importance on  pets, homes, cars, motorcycles, boats, skateboards, guitars...  You get the idea. Whatever you may want to digitally capture in a photograph and diplay, I will do my best to give you a unique image you'll want to share and hopefully make others say "Wow!". - Bill